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About us

Accure Health ("Accure") is a privately held digital diagnostics company.  Accure is focused on developing integrated solutions that rapidly transform molecular data into actionable digital information for managing cancer and other diseases at the point-of-care, in clinics, and at home. Accure’s goal is to empower health care professionals and patients with data intelligence to improve early detection and precision treatment of disease, and to lead healthier lives.


Accure’s founders bring together a wealth of cross-functional expertise applying technology to clinical challenges. Collectively, they have made significant contributions to advancing the speed and accuracy of diagnostics through innovations in liquid biopsy, bioengineering and data sciences at leading academic institutions and in industry. 

partners & Ecosystem

Accure is proud to partner with leading academic centers and government agencies to fulfill our mission of empowering precision health. Accure has been supported by the prestigious Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, the LabCentral, the Natonal Cancer Institute, the SBIR program, and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

Harvard Life Lab
Harvard Innovatin Lab
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